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Interesting Stock Picks in Biotechnology - How To Money Investment

Interesting Stock Picks in Biotechnology

Biotechnology has become an industry that is quite attractive to individuals in terms of investing. One of the reasons for this is that biotechnology is a field where there will always be a demand for consumers given that people will always need medicine and that the technology and prescriptions used to treat medical diseases will always evolve. The key when investing in Biotechnology companies is to understand which ones are about to release essential treatments or new innovations to their patients.

Additionally, finding out when certain Biotechnology have been approved by large governmental bodies such as the European Commission or the Food and Drug Administration in the United States is a great indicator to which stocks will obtain potential gains. Furthermore, finding Biotechnology companies that are finding better Cancer treatments, for example, will be quite successful on the stock market as well.

Consider the conversation below when trying to decide which Biotechnology companies to invest in.

Ideal Biotechnology Companies to Invest In 2021

When trying to select which Biotechnology stocks to invest in, it is recommended to consider some of the companies below. Please note, the author of this article may have invested in these stocks. This list of biotechnology companies may not be considered as advice, but merely a list of stocks you can look into and make your own decisions whether to invest into them or not.


EDITAS is a pharmaceutical company from Cambridge, Massachusetts that is heavily involved in gene editing technology. EDITAS is listed on the stock market as EDIT.

CRISPR Therapeutics

CRISPR Therapeutics is a company from Zug, Switzerland that focuses on developing transformative gene-based medicines for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. CRISPR Therapeutics is listed on the stock market as CRSP.

Vascular Biogenics

Vascular Biogenics is a company from Israel that focus on the discovery, development, and distribution of treatments for Cancer. Their primary target is to locate newly formed angiogenic blood vessels and destroy them with gene therapy. Vascular Biogenics is listed on the stock market as VBLT.

Clovis Oncology

Clovis Oncology is a company from Boulder, Colorado that specializes on treatment development for particular types of Cancers. Recently, the company received the approval from the European Commission for their BCRA-mutant Ovarian Cancer treatment. Clovis Oncology is listed on the stock market as CLVS.

Nightstar Therapeutics

Nightstar Therapeutics is gene therapy company from the United Kingdom that focuses on developing one-time treatments for patients suffering from rare inherited retinal diseases that typically cause blindness. Nightstar Therapeutics is listed on the stock market as NITE.


Axsome is a pharmaceutical company from New York, New York that focuses on developing treatments for Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease. Axsome is listed on the stock market as AXSM.

Adaptimmune Therapeutics

Adaptimmune Therapeutics is a company from the United Kingdom that has made several developments regarding how Cancer treatment is performed. Adaptimmune Therapies uses their SPEAR T-cell therapy, which has had incredible results on shrinking the size of tumors in under four weeks. Adaptimune Therapeutics is listed on the stock market as ADAP.

Voyager Therapeutics Inc.

Voyager Therapeutics Inc. is a company from Campbell, California that specializes in developing gene therapies for neurological diseases. Voyager Therapeutics Inc. has established several partnerships with leading Biotechnology companies such as AbbVie that will grow its revenues substantially. Voyager Therapeutics Inc. is listed on the stock market as VYGR.


Xencor is a Biotechnology company from Monrovia, California that has already had high level of profits since its initial IPO. Xencor has produced an XmAB antibody engineering platform. Xencor is listed on the stock market as XNCR.

Aptose Biosciences

Aptose Biosciences is a company from Toronto, Canada that specializes in oncology. The company’s goal is to create treatments that do not have toxic side effects. The company is listed on the stock exchange as APTO.

Final Remarks on the Subject

Biotechnology companies will usually be safe investments to pursue due to the perpetual need for individuals to receive medical care. Additionally, there are diverse investment opportunities in relation to Biotechnology companies due to IPO’s that come from new prescription drugs or medical technology that gets released into the marketplace. As these advances continue, there will be many more different companies to invest in. In order to make sound decisions about which Biotechnology companies to pursue, it is highly recommended that you regularly read medical journals about emerging technologies or release.

Additionally, global newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal or the Economist do regular editorials about Science and Medical Innovation. These articles are great tools to understand more about the Biotechnology marketplace and the upcoming trends that are occurring for investment. This, combined with working with an investment firm will help you to have incredible potential investment in Biotechnology companies that will likely have substantial returns for your investment portfolio.

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